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International Congress on Domestic Animal Breeding Genetics and Husbandry - 2018




Antalya, Turkey - September 26 - 28, 2018   

The International Congress on Domestic Animal Breeding Genetics and Husbandry - 2018 (ICABGEH-18) congress is organized by the Agricultural Faculty of Ondokuz Mayıs University and Turkish Agricultural Engineers  Association, and hosted by Kervansaray Lara Convention Center & Spa, Antalya. ICABGEH-18 is the second international event of meeting series with the participation of very popular invited speakers Prof. Dr. Dorian J. Garrick (Massey University), Prof. Dr. Rohan L. Fernando (Iowa State University, Prof. Dr. Hao Cheng (California University), and Prof. Dr. Kaspar Bienefeld (Humboldt University). This event has brought together leading researchers, engineers, and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. It also provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, establish business or research relations, and find global partners for future collaboration. 


The organizing committee is seriously planning and is already working towards enabling the Turkish and international animal science scientific community to meet the challenges and to move safely and successfully into the advanced information era. To this end, ICABGEH-18 has been focused on recent developments, as far as research on animal science aiming at protecting the environment and food safety. Thus, ICABGEH-18 has achieved its main twofold objective: Firstly, the presentation of current research works in the field of animal science, and secondly, connecting the animal science community.


Prof. Dr. Hasan ÖNDER,
Congress President


Prof. Dr. Dorian GARRICK

Dr. Dorian GARRICK has got a bachelor of Agricultural Science with First Class Honors from Massey University, New Zealand. He has got a degree, doctor of philosophy from Cornell University. He was appointed as a Full Professor at Massey University at age 34. Dr. Dorian Garrick had held the Lush Endowed Chair in Animal Breeding & Genetics at Iowa State for ten years. He works as Chief Scientist at the School of Agriculture and Environment at Massey University. Dr. Garrick has been integrally involved in the research, development, and implementation of a variety of genetic improvement programs in livestock and plants. That work has extended to Africa, Australia, and Europe, as well as North and South America. He has about 10.000 citations.

Prof. Dr. Kaspar BIENEFELD

Dr. Kaspar BIENEFELD has got a bachelor of Agricultural Science from Bonn University. He has got degree, doctor of philosophy from Munich University; he works at Humboldt University since 1997. Dr. BIENEFELD currently works at the department Breeding & Behavior, of Bee Research Institute HohenNeuendorf as a director. Dr. BIENEFELDdoes research in Genetics, Bioinformatics, Animal Science, and cryopreservation of honeybee semen.

Prof. Dr. Rohan L. FERNANDO

Dr. Rohan FERNANDO has got Bachelor of Science from California University. He has got degree, doctor of philosophy from Illinois University. He is expertise in animal breeding and genetics. Fernando and colleagues were the first to demonstrate how BLUP could be used for marker-assisted selection. Their theory also provides the basis for the variance component method to map QTL and for combining linkage and linkage disequilibrium information for genomic selection. Dr. Fernando has contributed to both theory and practice for solving several complex genetic problems. He has over 10.000 citations.

Prof. Dr. Hao CHENG

Dr. Hao Cheng got his Ph.D. in Genetics and Statistics from Iowa State University. His research interest includes the development of statistical methods and computational algorithms for quantitative and statistical genetics, e.g., genomic prediction and genome-wide association studies; development of software tools for whole-genome analyses; statistical models for genomic data.

Organizing Comitee
Honorary President
Prof. Dr. Sait BILGIC
Prof. Dr. Hasan ONDER
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ugur SEN
Executive Comitee
Prof. Dr. Mehmet KURAN
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa SAHIN
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa BOGA
Assist. Prof. Dr. Cagri O. OZKAN
Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre SIRIN
Samet Hasan ABACI
Yıldırım GOK
Scientific Comitee
Prof. Dr. Hasan ONDER
Prof. Dr. Dorian J. GARRICK
Prof. Dr. Rhan L. FERNANDO
Prof. Dr. Hao CHENG
Prof. Dr. Kaspar BINENEFELD
Prof. Dr. Musa SARICA
Prof.Dr. Horia GROSU
Prof. Dr. Ahmet GULER
Prof. Dr. Ercan EFE
Prof. Dr. Hulya ATIL
Prof. Dr. Cigdem TAKMA
Prof. Dr. Zeynel CEBECİ
Prof. Dr. Kadir KIZILKAYA
Prof. Dr. Ecevit EYDURAN
Prof. Dr. Tamer KAYAALP
Prof. Dr. Savas ATASEVER
Prof. Dr. Edit  Mikó JONAS
Prof. Dr. Muhammad KHALID
Prof. Dr. Mehmet KURAN
Prof. Dr. Abderrahmane HOUICHER
Prof. Dr. Sherein Saeid ABDELGAYED
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ludek STADNIC
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Kemal GURCAN
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Abdelkader BENSID
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ozgur KOSAN
Dr. Raphael MRODE
Dr. John KENT
Dr. Joanna NOWAK
Dr. Abdul Shakoor CHAUDHRY
Dr. Faisal SHAHZAD
Dr. Martin Ptáček

Congress Selected Photos

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