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Non-parametric Statistics with R


Dr. Zeynel CEBECI

Cukurova University


a) What is non-parametric statistics?

b) Tests for parametric assumptions

c) Sign test

d) Wilcoxon signed rank test

e) Wilcoxon signed rank sum test

f) Kruskal-Wallis test for 1-way ANOVA

g) Friedman test for 2-way ANOVA

h) Aligned rank sum tests for ANOVA

The workshop will be held at the first two days (August 12-13, 2020) of congress. The capacity of the Workshop is a maximum of 35 people.

Attendees should bring their own computers. Wifi connection exists in the room. 


The book, entitled "R İle Parametrik Olmayan İstatistik Analiz"  (in Turkish) will be used as the supplementary course material during the workshop.

You could order a copy of the book online at this link or buy a hardcopy at the registration desk or you can bring a book Non-parametric statistic related R book or tutorials.

Participation fees;

Additional fee for the congress participants: 25 Euro (150 TL)

Fee for only workshop participants: 150 Euro (600 TL)

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